Grow your Saba business faster
and easier

Grow your Saba business faster
and easier

A complete Contact Management & Marketing
system for Saba Associates

7 days for $1

“The most effective way to share the Saba products and opportunity.”

–Gary Hail, President

Everything you need in one brilliant tool.

Seamlessly integrated to help you do and earn more… with less effort!

Lead Generation

Discover new opportunities to pull leads into your marketing funnel. We give you the tools to make it easier, faster, and more effective.

Prospecting / Follow-up

Automated follow-up campaigns and cutting-edge prospecting tools help you build relationships and prospect like a pro!


Keep contacts organized, tracked, and engaged. The #1 contact manager in the industry makes targeted, effective communication a breeze.


Discover your new secret weapon for team-wide success. Our system trains, motivates, and delivers real results for anyone – regardless of experience!


Our simple, yet powerful conversion tools help you make sales, grow your downline, and positively explode your productivity.


Present your products and opportunity like never before with a complete system that keeps contacts engaged 24/7.

Here’s what you get with Saba Builder

Marketing Website

We do the presenting 24/7 so you don’t have to

Engage, educate, and convert prospects with a stunning, current, and compliance-reviewed website. Finally… a consistent presentation of your product and opportunity every time.

Lead Capture Pages

Instantly pulls prospects into your sales funnel

Perfect for marketing! Lead Capture Pages are curiosity-provoking web pages that capture new leads and contact details (including name, email address, and phone number). As prospects complete the form, they're added to your contact manager, tracked, followed-up with, and educated... all automatically.

Capture Page Creator

Build your own lead capture pages

Build unlimited personal Lead Capture Pages in minutes! Using our library of professionally designed templates, you can create your very own Capture Page with a simple-to-use wizard.

Contact Manager

The jewel of our system

The best contact manager in the industry, bar none. Organizes, tracks, and effortlessly manages communications with your contacts to make prospecting a cinch.

Email Autoresponders

Automated prospect follow-up

An email campaign is a series of pre-written messages sent to certain contacts on a pre-determined delivery schedule.

Our Advanced Email Campaigns feature gives you access to multiple email campaigns, and allows you to edit, enable, disable, add new messages, create your own email campaigns, and more. You have complete control!

Activity Notifications

Be “In the Know!”

Our proprietary Activity Tracker notifies you when prospects open an email, watch a video, visit your website, and more. It even tells you which web pages your prospects visit. Our members LOVE this feature!

Email Broadcast

Instantly send messages to all or some of your lists

The Email Broadcasting tool allows you to send a message to specific contacts or groups of contacts as a one-time "blast". You can use this tool to announce special offers, invite prospects to conference calls or web meetings, promote live events, or communicate with your downline.

Smart Sender

Powerhouse marketing & tracking technology

An amazing way to promote your business, that's not available anywhere else! Share viral content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more in a few clicks. Plus, upload a resource library (ie. brochures, images, videos, links, etc.) and create "SmartPacks" that you can send to prospects - that generate real-time notifications whenever prospects engage with them.

Audio Creator

Record or upload your own audios

The Audio Creator allows you to record or upload your own personal audio file. After you have added a new audio file, you can then send it out via an email message with a special link or we provide the code that allows you to embed the audio message on another website.

Video Creator

Record or upload your own videos

The Video Creator allows you to record or upload your own personal video file. Or, import one from YouTube. After you have added a new video file, you can then send it out via an email message with a special link or we provide the code that allows you to embed the video on another website.

Team Leader Functionality

Create and share content with your entire team

This proprietary feature is a game-changer. In just a few clicks, you can push custom content - including email messages and campaigns, marketing tools, videos, smart-packs, capture pages, scripts, and much more - to your entire team to use within their Marketing Scents system. Makes coordinated marketing efforts a breeze! (You can create a customized mini-system within a system!)

Conference Bridge

Host your own phone meetings

With your own personal Conference Bridge you can conduct conference calls with up to 99 participants! We provide a dedicated moderator PIN and participant PIN – where the moderator is in complete control of the call. You can mute and unmute all of the lines and you can record the conference call.

You can even send a recorded call out via email with a special link we provide, embed the recording on a website page or setup a replay of the recording and schedule when you would like it to play!

Social Media Integration

Social engagement that works

Social media networks allow for fast sharing of content throughout your circles of influence. Our industry-leading social media tools make sharing content simple and successful.

Toll-free voicemail number

24 hour recorded presentation message plus voicemail

You have your own dedicated Toll-free Voicemail Number with unlimited minutes where you can setup a personal greeting, sizzle call or use one of our prerecorded greetings, and accept and manage voicemail messages.


PhoneBurner® helps you call more people in less time

Our exclusive PhoneBurner® technology calls your contacts for you, leaving professional (and proven) voicemails that incite prospects to take action! (Plus, you can call up to 9 times more prospects.)