Saba Builder Back Office System Features

  • Personal Profile: Update your personal information at any time.
  • Billing Information: Update your billing information at any time.
  • Calendar: Never miss another meeting or event again.  Includes reminder emails!
  • NetworxDNA: Desktop Notifications and Alerts.
  • Notifications: Define your email preferences.
  • Traffic Rotator: Share traffic with other members in your organization.
  • Message Library: Create your own phone scripts and follow-up messages.  Or, use the Saba Builder prewritten phone scripts and follow-up messages.
  • Audio Creator: Create your own audio files to be used to marketing your opportunity.
  • Contact Manager: Manage all your different contacts in one state-of-the-art Management Tool.
  • Autoresponders: Four fully automated autoresponders with professionally prewritten messages.
  • Delivery Status: Complete tracking of all autoresponders and your contacts that are located in each campaign.
  • Broadcast Tool: Broadcast messages to specific groups of your contacts.
  • Traffic Reports: Real-time monthly traffic reports for the Marketing Site.
  • Promo Codes: Use promo codes to track which advertising campaigns are more effective.  Plus, summary reports on your promo code use.
  • Marketing Tools: Documents, scripts and manuals designed to improve your success.
  • Live Training Calls: Live weekly training calls delivered by some of the top Saba Builder Leaders.
  • Help Desk: Online Support designed to assist new users with questions they may have about the Saba Builder Marketing System.